General Trading Service’s arm of the Group that trades FCMG products in bulk both by us and from other manufacturers.

VISION: To be the “preferred” choice for employees, suppliers and customers. Be an inspiration and being a model for companies who are willing to reach their dreams.

MISSION: Achieve profitable growth, operational & organizational excellence without compromising from our values and integrity.


We work together with partners to invest in ventures that provide affordable and quality healthcare to the masses in East Africa.

VISION: To become a market leader in healthcare devices distribution across Africa by employing the most qualified, creating a competitive yet rewarding business environments while adopting the best business practices that improve the lives of patients, families and communities.

MISSION: To become the organization known for providing quality medical and pharmaceutical solutions to the Africa markets starting with East Africa.


We focus on manufacturing services to provide essentials to the markets of East Africa.

VISION: To build sustainable enterprises by expanding production capacity unit by unit in an eco-friendly manner.

MISSION: Power the world using clean renewable energy.

Ventures: GOA Power Generation Services (PGS)-Solar & Wind Energy Building Capacities.


We invest in food production and in ventures that fuse agricultural production and technology.

VISION: Improve urban livelihoods and sustainable food systems across Africa.

MISSION: To promote use of technology in production & distribution of agricultural produce across Africa driving healthy living.


Construct and build houses for residential and commercial purposes to provide shelter to the East Africa markets.

VISION: To be a strategic partner in key defining infrastructural development projects in East Africa region.

MISSION: To provide affordable & Quality solutions across infrastructure and property developments in East Africa.

OUR OBJECTIVE within the Real Estate sector is to develop new urban nodes across the East African region that represent investment grade assets of scale across residential and commercial developments. Our Vision is to get involved in infrastructural development projects that will define the next frontier. We seek to master plan attractive sites across the region and provide commercial impetus for investors to establish city shifting developments.

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Our Mission

To develop a more prosperous society through innovation, passion, curiosity and team work with unyielding integrity

Core Values






Our Vision

To Continuously Better the Quality of Life of Humanity